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Hand-picked options for Lunch or Dinner, served fresh & hot

Alabiata Spaghetti / Spaguetti Alabiata

Made of fresh tomato, onion, basil, fresh chili, mixed with spaghetti

7,500 Fr
Amatricana Pasta / Pate d’Amatricane

A delicious blend of smoked bacon, onion, fresh tomato, basil, served with Penne pasta or fusil pasta

9,500 Fr
Backed Captain Fish Fillet / Brulles De Poisson

Captain fish fillet in b?chamel sauce set on wilted spinach, cheese accompanied with saut?ed Banana and vegetables

14,000 Fr
Baked Pork Chops or Cutlets / Cotelette De Porc Au Four

Served with warm fruits salsa, pont-neuf potato, vegetables

12,500 Fr
Beef Brochette/Brochette De Boeuf

with chips or Banana with salad

4,500 Fr
Beef Curry Sauce / Curry De Boeuf

Fried beef fillet with original Indian curry sauce, served with steamed rice, chapatti and vegetables

13,500 Fr


Enjoy our unique selection of affordable Pizza in town

Altano Pizza / Pizza Altano

Dough, onion, black olives, Tuna fish, cheese, tomato sauce

9,000 Fr
Chicken Pizza / Pizza Au Poulet

Dough, chicken, onion, Green pepper, garlic, tomato sauce, cheese

9,500 Fr
Five To Five Special Pizza

Dough, sausage, garlic, onion, tomato, green pepper, ham, black Olive, oregano, cheese, Tomato sauce

10,000 Fr
Margarita Pizza / Pizza Margarite

Original 1897 Napolitano with tomatoes, carrot, basil, green pepper, cheese, tomato sauce

7,000 Fr
Mexican Pizza / Pizza Mexicaine

Dough, bolognaise, sweet corn, fresh chili, cheese, Tomato sauce

9,000 Fr
Pizza Supreme Jaffle

Dough, garlic, red onion, capsicum, mushrooms, salami, basil, cheese, sesame

8,500 Fr


Pre-meal healthy options to get you ready to dig in

Avocado Salad / Salade D’avocat

A large portion of fanned avocado, tomato, bedded on crispy lettuce and splashed with French dressing sauce

5,000 Fr
Beef’s Lettuce Avocado And Tomato Salad

Composed with Beef, lettuce, Parsley, Fresh basil, Olive oil, red onion, garlic, Balsamic vinegar

8,500 Fr
Californian Salad / Salade Californienne

Assorted timbale of fresh lettuce, carrots, onion, tomato avocado, egg, feta cheese, peanuts, tuna fish, dressed with Americano sauce

7,500 Fr
Chicken Noodles Salad / Salade De Nouilles Au Poulet

Composed with noodles, chicken, peanuts, egg, tomato, finished with dressing sauce

8,500 Fr
Chief Classic Salad / Salade Du Chef Classique

Composition of Lettuce, onion, tomato, carrots, cucumber, Ham, croutons, avocado, egg, black olive, cheese, dressed with vinaigrette

7,000 Fr
Classic Ceasar Salad / Salade Cesar Classique

An eye appeal Crips bacon, croutons, Lettuce, tomato, onion, parmessa cheese, Egg, Green pepper,

7,000 Fr


Pre-meal Hot soups to get you ready to dig in

Chicken Consomme Celestin / Consomme Au Poulet

Clear chicken consomm? strained minced chicken, carrots, egg, leeks, onion, celery, bay leaf Flavored and garnished with chapatti

8,000 Fr
Chicken Noodle Soup / Potage De Nouille Au Poulet

Properly selected fresh onion, celery, leeks, carrots, cream

8,000 Fr
Chicken Soup / Potage De Poulet

Thickened cream of chicken soup selected onion, chicken, green pepper, carrots, celery

8,000 Fr
Coconut Roasted Eggplant Soup / Potage De Noix De Coco

Dices of finely grated and squeezed coconuts added with roasted eggplant, Irish potato strained seasoned with salt and pepper

5,000 Fr
Cream Of Tomato Soup / Potage De Tomates

Properly selected tomato, potato, leeks, onion blended and seasoned to taste garnished with bread croutons

4,500 Fr
Creamed Of Mushroom Soup / Potage De Champignons

Puree of mushrooms, onion, Olive oil

6,500 Fr