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Alabiata Spaghetti / Spaguetti Alabiata

Made of fresh tomato, onion, basil, fresh chili, mixed with spaghetti

7,500 Fr
Amatricana Pasta / Pate d’Amatricane

A delicious blend of smoked bacon, onion, fresh tomato, basil, served with Penne pasta or fusil pasta

9,500 Fr
Backed Captain Fish Fillet / Brulles De Poisson

Captain fish fillet in b?chamel sauce set on wilted spinach, cheese accompanied with saut?ed Banana and vegetables

14,000 Fr
Baked Pork Chops or Cutlets / Cotelette De Porc Au Four

Served with warm fruits salsa, pont-neuf potato, vegetables

12,500 Fr
Beef Brochette/Brochette De Boeuf

with chips or Banana with salad

4,500 Fr
Beef Curry Sauce / Curry De Boeuf

Fried beef fillet with original Indian curry sauce, served with steamed rice, chapatti and vegetables

13,500 Fr
Beef Escalope Cordon Blue / Boeuf Escalope Cordon Bleu

Roasted fillet with ham, cheese, bread crumbs, egg served with sauce of your choice, chips, vegetables

14,500 Fr
Beef Mignon / Mignon De Boeuf

Grilled beef fillet with onion, white wine served with chateau potatoes and vegetables

13,500 Fr
Beef Steak / Steak De Boeuf

Pan seared beef fillet with green pepper, red wine, cream sauce, served with vegetables, rice or chips

13,500 Fr
Beef Stew / Ragout De Boeuf

Cooked sliced beef in red sauce, served with rice, French fries and vegetables

13,500 Fr
Beef Stroganoff / Boeuf Stroganoff

Cooked Juliennes of beef saut?ed with mushrooms, Green pepper, onion finished with cream served with vegetables, Rice

13,500 Fr
Boiled Banana / Bouille De Banane

eeks, tomatoes without oil

5,000 Fr
Boiled Chicken Leg / Bouille De Cuisse De Poulet

With leeks green banana, or potatoes without oil

9,500 Fr
Boiled Goat Leg / Bouille Jambe De Chevre

With leeks, banana, tomato fresh without oil

15,500 Fr
Boiled Half Chicken / Bouille En Demi-Poulet

With green banana, leeks, tomato without oil

11,500 Fr
Boiled Only Beef / Bouille De Boeuf

With leeks, fresh chili without oil

7,500 Fr


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