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Beef Curry Sauce / Curry De Boeuf

Fried beef fillet with original Indian curry sauce, served with steamed rice, chapatti and vegetables

13,500 Fr
Beef Escalope Cordon Blue / Boeuf Escalope Cordon Bleu

Roasted fillet with ham, cheese, bread crumbs, egg served with sauce of your choice, chips, vegetables

14,500 Fr
Beef Mignon / Mignon De Boeuf

Grilled beef fillet with onion, white wine served with chateau potatoes and vegetables

13,500 Fr
Beef Steak / Steak De Boeuf

Pan seared beef fillet with green pepper, red wine, cream sauce, served with vegetables, rice or chips

13,500 Fr
Beef Stew / Ragout De Boeuf

Cooked sliced beef in red sauce, served with rice, French fries and vegetables

13,500 Fr
Beef Stroganoff / Boeuf Stroganoff

Cooked Juliennes of beef saut?ed with mushrooms, Green pepper, onion finished with cream served with vegetables, Rice

13,500 Fr
Chang’s Mongolian Beef / Boeuf Mongol

Cooked panned sliced beef with Garlic, Ginger, cayenne pepper, Julienne of Carrots, Leeks, onion, soy sauce, Brown roux, white wine, served with rice and vegetables

13,500 Fr
Five To Five Beef

Char-grilled beef tenderloin made to order, served with spiced butter sauce, straw potatoes, vegetables

13,500 Fr
Saute De Veau MARENGO

Saut?ed veau of beef with carrots, leeks, tomato, salsa, white wine, brown roux served with rice and vegetables

14,000 Fr
Swiss Steak / Steak Suisse

Pan fried beef with garlic, celery, onion, mustard, tomato, salsa, paprika, oregano, mushroom, brown roux, pepper; served with broccoli vegetable and rice

13,500 Fr
T-Bone Steak / Bifteck d’Aloyau

Char-grilled perfectly aged 250 grams

14,000 Fr
Tarragon Beef / Estragon De Boeuf

Pan seared beef fillet set on wilted spinach, shavings Zucchini, carrots, served with potato, Rice and finished with a white wine tarragon sauce

8,500 Fr